Jawbone UPs its game to take on Android and Apple

Jawbone's newly designed UP3 fitness band on the way
A wristed development

Jawbone is readying two new fitness trackers for a big unveiling, one of which will be a new flagship UP device with a brand new design.

The device, which VentureBeat thinks will be called the UP3, will come with a heart rate sensor and mount a challenge to the new Fitbit Charge and ChargeHR; the new Android Wear brigade and, of course, the Apple Watch next year.

Jawbone's second tracker is supposedly a low-cost wearable that will be called MOVE and sell for $50 (£30, AU$60). The UP3 meanwhile is rumoured to be priced at $180 (£112, AU$206).

Heart to heart

The UP3 will join the ranks of the new generation of wearables offering heart rate monitors alongside step, calorie and distance tracking. What's unclear is whether or not Jawbone will build in smartwatch-esque notifications.

We also don't know what kind of battery Jawbone will be using and how long the UP3 will last on a single charge. Finally, it's unclear what the new design will be, other than "sleeker". However, if Yves Behar is behind this, as he was with the UP24, then we're expecting an attractive look.

Jawbone is potentially ready to reveal the new devices this week, so we'll let you know if these rumours prove true.