Move over teens, Google Glass may have everyone hand-hearting

That cheesy heart-shaped hand gesture schmaltzy teens and celebrities feel the need to make may be extra dorky looking in the future, as Google may want to use it for wearable technology.

The patent entitled "Hand gestures to signify what is important" was registered by the Mountain View company to work with wearable computing devices, which clearly points to Google Glass.

Glass owners would be able to "identify, signify, or otherwise indicate what may be considered or classified as important or worthy of attention or notice."

The device "could then transmit the generated images to one or more applications in a network server communicatively connected with [it]."

A 'like' button, but with heart

The two-handed heart gesture could rival Facebook's universal Like button and be more catchy than Google's +1 equivalent.

It would also be easier than uploading a photo, posting it and giving it a +1.

Today's patent filing illustrates that a head-mounted display user can heart a picture or poster of Mozart, for example.

'Intelligent interpretation of the contents'

Interestingly, the Google Glass-like device being illustrated in the patent drawings might be able to pick up more than what falls in the frame of the hand heart.

"The generated image appears to include more of the picture [of Mozart] than is bounded by the heart-shaped hand gesture," pointed out the newly published patent.

"This could result from intelligent interpretation of the contents of the display area in and around the strictly bounded area, for example."

Whether Google hand-hearts this gesture patent enough to add it as an input in future Google Glass models remains to be seen.

Matt Swider