iWatch may show its curved OLED face this October, just after the iPhone 6

iWatch might show its curved OLED face this October
Somewhere in the depths of Cupertino HQ an iWatch (probably) being played with right now

The iWatch might not have broken cover at WWDC but there were a few clues that Apple's first wearable might be very close.

We're now hearing a bit more about just how close, with one analyst, citing supply chain sources, claiming that the iWatch is about to go into production.

"Our meeting with a tech supply chain company highlighted that initial production of certain 'iWatch' components is scheduled to begin later this month and there are plans for a sharp acceleration into fall," said Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White (spotted by BGR)

White also reckons that September launch is on the cards, to coincide with the iPhone 6, but that appears to be analyst guesswork and not something explicitly spelled out by the source.

Hold the iPhone just a minute!

Meanwhile, Nikkei Asian Review cites anonymous "industry sources" who claim that October is the month that Apple's wearable will show its face.

These sources also believe Apple's watch will have a curved OLED touchscreen, and that Cook and co are planning to produce 3 million - 5 million units a month.

There's also talk of biometric functions such as blood glucose and ocygen monitoring being built into the watch (not the first time we've heard this) but it's not too definitive on these details.

Putting the two together, an October launch looks more credible, but then pushing an iWatch out alongside the iPhone 6 would make a lot of sense too.

Either way, if the iWatch is as close as these sources believe, we expect it won't be long before some hardware leaks start popping up.

Update: Yet another report, this time from Re/code, also places the iWatch launch in October. "People familiar" with the plans let the site know Cupertino is hoping a special event that month will send the iWatch off right. The device is said to make use of the new HealthKit features found in iOS 8.


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