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Griffin adds iPhone to the road

Griffin Autopilot
Easily adding the iPhone to your car

Griffin, one of the first companies to offer in-car iPod accessibility, has upped the game by introducing a car kit for the iPhone.

Available for around £60, the device slots into your cigarette lighter and connects to your IPhone or iPod through the dock connector.

The SmartScan system then scans the radio and selects the three best FM frequencies and then saves them automatically to presets.

See your sounds

The bit that will make you go ‘ooh’ is the RDS function, which displays the title of the song playing on a compatible radio display.

The Autopilot system also allows you to control the iPhone or iPod playback either via the dashboard or through a perceptible control unit, allowing you switch tracks at the touch of a finger.

The device even has a lovely glowing ring to indicate the charging status of your Apple pride and joy, from red through to green.

It all sounds very good, and if you’re after something simple, you can’t really go wrong. However, many automotive retailers will install your iPod or iPhone into your vehicle professionally for around £100, so maybe it could be worth that extra cash if you want it fully integrated into your car.

Our reviews team has the very first product sample in their gadgety hands right now, so check back next week when we'll be posting our exclusive review on Tuesday 27th May.