Tron 3D inspires 3D nightclub experience

Fans of electronic music and clubbing are already getting hyped about the forthcoming release of Jeff Bridge's 3D TRON: Legacy, which features a cracking electronic music soundtrack courtesy of French house outfit Daft Punk.

As such, TRON 3D Nights are sweeping across Indian nightclubs, offering the first 3D clubbing experience in the sub-continent.

TRON club nights - better than drugs?

TRON club nights - better than drugs?

Tron 3D hits the clubs

Dance music promoters Submerge plan to host the Tron 3D Nights across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, to celebrate the release of the movie and the accompanying Daft Punk soundtrack.

US superstar DJ Christopher Lawrence will entertain the crowds, working with a British DJ and 3D VJ (Visual Jockey) team to create the ultimate digital-3D clubbing experience.

Nikhil Chinapa, Submerge Co-Founder said, "Submerge has always been about creating a unique clubbing experiencing and we are glad to announce that The 3D: Audio Visual Experience is coming to India exclusively through Submerge.

"Our association with the India Release of the path-breaking 3D movie - The Tron: Legacy is going to make this clubbing experience even more special and we are looking forward to the TRON 3D parties."

3D – better than drugs?

Who needs drugs, when you've got a nightclub offering a mix of TRON, Daft Punk and mind-blowing 3D visuals all night?!

Disney's new 3D TRON movie is due to release in the UK on 17 December, just in time for family trips to the flicks over the Christmas holidays.

You can see the official UK site for TRON: Legacy over at


Adam Hartley