Taking the lead: how to transfer your camera snaps without a cable

Galaxy camera


Photographs are no good to anyone sitting on a camera – they deserve to be seen and shared. Whether you're a casual snapper on the hunt for a new Facebook profile picture, or an enthusiast with a DSLR and a tripod waiting all day for the perfect portfolio shot, you want to get your photos onto your laptop, phone, or tablet as soon as possible.

Normally you'd transfer them by connecting your camera to a PC or Mac with a cable. Trouble is, these cables are notoriously easy to lose and, when you do find them, they're tangled impossibly at the back of a drawer. Complicated file-transfer software can also put you off.

If you haven't tried connecting your camera in a while and you've got a newer PC or Mac, it's probably worth trying the direct cable connection again – newer versions of Windows and Mac OS X are pretty good at sucking up all your pics.

For a slicker and cable-free experience, however, check out these simple options for getting all your precious snaps onto the big screen…