Nikon to release Android powered compact?

Nikon Coolpix
Will an Android enabled compact from Nikon soon be here?

Rumours are circulating that Nikon is set to introduce an Android powered compact camera in its Coolpix range before the start of Photokina next month.

The camera, rumoured to be named the Nikon Coolpix S800c will be the first compact camera to feature an operating system from one of the mainstream brands.

At the very start of this year, Polaroid debuted what it dubbed a "smart camera", which was also powered by the Android operating system. However, the camera hasn't been distributed worldwide.

It seemed likely that one of the electronic giants already using Android technology elsewhere in its portfolio, such as Samsung, Sony or Panasonic would have been strong candidates for the first to bring an Android camera to the market, so it's a little surprising to see Nikon's name in the frame.

That said, Nikon has already introduced a Wi-Fi enabled DSLR (via adapter) this year which can be used with smartphones and tablets acting as a remote viewfinder.

There's not much known about the camera at the moment, however leaked pictures appear to show a 3x optical zoom lens housed in a typical Coolpix style body.


A shot of the back of the camera shows the camera screen resembling a phone screen, giving access to apps and even email. A shot of the top of the camera reveals GPS and Wi-Fi symbols.

Several compact cameras already on the market feature built-in Wi-Fi (for example, the Canon IXUS 510HS or the Samsung WB850F), so it potentially wouldn't be too much of a dramatic leap to also include an operating system.

It means that popular apps, such as Instagram, would be available to use on the camera, as well as image editing, sharing and other interesting photography apps.

A suggested announcement date of tomorrow (22nd August) is rumoured - so watch this space.

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