Jessops: 9% DSLR sales growth predicted

Canon 5D Mark III
Jessops believes that DSLR sales will continue to grow

Jessops has said that it believes that DSLR sales will continue to grow in the coming years, despite massive growth in the compact system camera market.

Speaking to TechRadar, Sean Emmett, Marketing and E-commerce manager at Jessops said that company analysis predicted that DSLR sales would continue to grow by around 9% in 2013, despite the 50% growth in CSC sales over the past year.

Other manufacturers and analysts have predicted that CSC sales will overtake DSLR sales as early as 2014 in the UK, and a bit later in the US.

In Japan, by the end of 2011, CSC sales accounted for around 51% of interchangeable lens camera sales. With global sales of CSCs increasing all the time, it would be reasonable to assume that the rest of the world will catch up eventually.

Although the analysis by Jessops paints a different picture, this could perhaps be down to the typical physical camera shop buyer, rather than overall market trends.

2012 has already seen the introduction of several new cameras in both the DSLR and CSC category, and with Photokina coming up in September, it will be interesting to see what technology is more prevalent.

It is rumoured that Canon, the world's largest camera manufacturer, will finally reveal its mirrorless solution at Photokina, which would surely catalyse any growth in the market.

Amy Davies

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