500px: not in 'direct competition' with Flickr and Facebook

500px, the photographic social networking doesn't believe it's in competition with the likes of Flickr and Facebook

The photography social networking site, 500px, has said that it doesn't believe that it is in direct competition with Flickr or larger, more general social networking sites such as Facebook.

Speaking to TechRadar, Oleg Gutsol, CEO of 500px said, "There is a clear distinction between what we do and what Facebook does. We are building a community of people interested in photography, interested in learning and getting better at it, whereas Facebook, for example, focuses on connecting people."

"I think Facebook has a different purpose. I welcome the changes they recently made to their product, I think the photos really look better when they are presented bigger."

500px is often seen as the "photographer's social network", due to the high prevalence of enthusiast and professionals using the service.


Flickr, the world's biggest photo-sharing site, could be easily compared against 500px, but Gutsol doesn't see it that way. "I don't think we are in direct competition with it. Yes, Flickr is a large and a well established photo community, but our focus and our goals are not identical to theirs."

Recently, 500px went through a redesign ahead of Flickr's own revamp. Increasingly photo-only social networking sites are being usurped by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, with people looking to use one site for multiple purposes.

Facebook itself has redesigned the way it displays photos several times, with the most recent upgrade allowing images to be uploading in high resolution and displayed full screen.

Amy Davies

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