Telstra introduces 'Digital First'

A new digital Telstra is on its way...

Updated 4 March: Meeting with journalists, Executive Director of Telstra Digital Gerd Schenkel has revealed more about "Digital First", which is still very much in early phases.

The telco will be investing several hundreds million dollars into this program, according to Schenkel, which will see an overhaul of both in store and online services over the next three years.

Along with real-time allocation of technician appointments, Telstra will use maps or SMS to update customers on when the technician will be available, with Schenkel saying that a technician could be available to you within the hour of request.

Unfortunately, while real-time billing has been in the development phase for a while, Schenkel was not able to tell us when it would be made available.

In terms of transparency, through mobile apps, customers will be able to look at contact notes made by staff almost immediately. On top of this, customers will then be able to comment back and provide feedback straight into the contact notes section.

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In a new initiative called "Digital First", Telstra is stepping up its digital strategy with a new three-year plan that includes real-time billing and giving you an estimated arrival time for technicians.

Telstra CEO David Thodey said that the telco will be starting with the roll-out of a new technical support model this month, where ADSL and mobile customers will be given a unique code for their modem or device that will be used to provide "tailored information".

Thodey said that this will give customers the information they need faster and with fewer points of contact.

The tailored information will also soon include real-time usage and billing, as currently, usage details can be delayed by up to 24-hours.

A new digital world

Telstra CEO David Thodey said that the main focus of the initiative is to allow customers to have the "convenience of dealing with us on their terms in their own time".

"We are challenging the way we do things to make life simpler and more convenient for our customers, giving them greater control in managing their telecommunications needs whether that be through our Telstra stores, contact centers or digitally," he said.

The initiative will not only give customers more control over their own accounts, but control and transparency for services, technical appointments, support options and product features.

The telco will be introducing automated job allocations and integrated mapping, which Telstra says will get technicians to jobs quicker and will provide customers estimated arrival time so you don't have to hang around for hours, only to miss the technician.