Telstra's bringing 5G to you


When it's not bringing Next G hotspots to Teslas or free Wi-Fi to landmarks, Telstra is busy trying to maximise the speed of its 4G network, which is about to get something of a boost as we move toward a 5G future.

Telstra has announced that this year will see it partnering with Ericsson to commence work on its 5G network, which will launch in 2020. That may sound like an eternity from now, but the telco hopes to maximise 4G speeds in the interim in an attempt to get them as close to 5G as possible. And it won't be long before we start to see results.

By April, Telstra's LTE-Advanced network with Category 9 capability will launch in capital cities, which will see compatible devices enjoying maximum speeds of up to 450Mbps. This is achieved by combining three bands of the spectrum in what Telstra is describing as a world first.

Fast and faster

Telstra's LTE Broadcast (LTE-B) tech will also rollout in 2015, with commercial trials and a customer launch expected following the establishment of permanent LTE-B channels at key venues and major events in May.

April will also see the rollout of Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) before a full commercial launch later in 2015, enabling Telstra customers to make calls over the 4G network.

Through its collaboration with Ericsson, Telstra will be working to define 5G standards, and if that pushes 4G speeds up in the process then we imagine there will be few complaints.