Telstra brings Next G hotspot to the Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S
Talk about a mobile hotspot...

Telstra is bringing its Next G network to the Tesla Model S, giving one of the most cutting edge vehicles on Australian roads even bigger tech cojones to boast about.

The agreement connects the Model S to Telstra's Next G network, giving occupants access to a web browser, music streaming services, and Google Maps via the car's digital dash and rather large infotainment screens.

The free connection – provided you have $100,000 to spend on a Model S in the first place – also boasts in-car Wi-Fi, which could save anyone embarking on a lengthy road trip over the summer from burning through a considerable amount of mobile data.

Remote control

The Next G network will also be used to connect Model S owners to their car via the Tesla smartphone app, accessing climate control, and the security system remotely.

Handily, Tesla's technicians can use the network to access the Model S' remote diagnostics should there be an issue – yes, it's embarrassing when you lock your keys in the car, but this could save you from having to call out the NRMA.

With the Next G network offering some of the best coverage across Australia, we wonder if Tesla's new mobile hotspots – effectively what the Model S now is – could make a contribution to Telstra's Australia-wide Wi-Fi network.