T-Mobile won't snag your data to stream Netflix, Hulu or others

T-Mobile Binge On

T-Mobile will now let you binge watch all your favorite shows from 24 'popular' streaming services without worrying about your data usage.

Similar to the Uncarrier's Freedom Music, the new Binge On feature will let you stream movies, clips or TV shows from any of the supported video streaming services without the data used affecting your T-Mobile plan's set allowance.

Streaming services include Netflix, Hulu and HBO Go, as well as Showtime, Sling TV, WatchESPN, Fox and Vudu, and even Verizon's Go90 and DirecTV. While data used to stream content from these will be free, you still need to pay for subscriptions to the services.

Starting from November 15, Binge On will be available to all customers with added 3GB data or more. During the company's UncarrierX event today, CEO John Legere said that users with a lower data plan (either 1GB or 2GB) "were probably not binge video watchers to begin with."

Meanwhile, T-Mobile also announced in partnership with Sling TV that Simple Choice plan customers will get 30% off of a 12-month subscription to the Best of Live TV package, and customers on a T-Mobile Unlimited LTE plan will also get a free movie rental through Sling TV every month during 2016.

Open to all

T-Mobile said that Binge On was developed with specific technology that optimizes its data for video streaming, allowing consistent 480p "DVD-quality" streaming to your mobile device, while not affecting your plan's data allowance.

But while there are already 24 streaming services included in Binge On at launch, there are certain video services that are conspicuously missing, likely due to the services not being optimized for Binge On just yet.

"Binge On is open to any streaming video provider who meets the technical requirements," T-Mobile said, so more services are expected to be added in the future.

Legere revealed T-Mobile will work with YouTube and any other services that might be interested in streaming via Binge On, including porn streaming services, as long as it's a legal service that meets the technical requirements.

"With Binge On, no one pays - not the customers, not the video streaming services - and everyone wins," Legere said. You can see the full list of streaming services included in Binge On here.

Users will be able to log into their T-Mobile account and switch off or on Binge On whenever they want as well, though it being a free service, we can't imagine why you would.