Qantas to make flying easier with updates to its iOS app

Qantas iOS app
Now you'll have no reason to miss a flight...

Available from today, Qantas has updated its iOS app to add major features such as alerts for flight times and boarding and integration with Google for easier navigation.

The app will now suggest the best way to check-in for your flight, gives you live "up to the minute" flight info, as well as giving flight and boarding alerts.

Baggage carousel and boarding gate information will also be available on the app. It will also tell you where you are in the terminal and which lounges you have access to.

Qantas's updated app can also pull information through Google Maps to remind you when to leave for the airport and navigate what the best route to the airport is from your current location.

Flying easy

Qantas is calling the app a "full service travel companion", which it is hopes will anticipate your travel needs.

"It creates a personalised travel timeline to make airport departures and arrivals a breeze," said Qantas Domestic Chief Executive Officer Lyell Strambi.

The update is optimised for iOS 7, and along with the above updates, still allows users to book flights and hotels, and check for fare sales and their frequent flyer points.

According to Qantas, prior the update, over half a million customers were already using the app.

While the airline hasn't said anything about a Windows Phone update, it did say that an Android update will be released later this year.