Telstra to keep fixed-line profits with line rental increase

Fixed-line increases and the death of Rewards may point to Telstra wanting you to bundle up...

Some Telstra customers will soon receive letters detailing increases to monthly access charges for a number of its fixed line plans.

HomeLine Complete, Plus, Advanced and Together plans will receive $2 increases per month, while HomeLine Part will increase by $1 per month.

Business customers will so also be receiving $2 increases on some BusinessLine plans, and BusinessLine Part will increase by $1 per month.

Newer bundled plans with broadband, mobile or pay TV will remain untouched, as will the HomeLine Budget and HomeLine Reach plans and Telstra's Pensioner Discount scheme.

Telstra said that these changes will begin from October 1.

Telstra Rewards and Tribe's end

Telstra Rewards Options, which has been around since 2004, will end on November 1 as the telco said: "... newer bundle packages provide bigger data allowances, family calls benefits, or a mobile broadband allowance – to suit a range of customer needs."

"Importantly, we will continue to maintain value for our customers in the overall offers we provide to fixed line customers," Telstra added in a statement.

Affected customers are being advised to switch to new bundles. TechRadar recommends shopping around before committing yourself to another 12 or 24-month plan with any company.

Tribe, Telstra's social media aggregation service, is also being shut down on September 10. Telstra noted that it had seen a 60 per cent usage decline of the app.

Because users could check Facebook, Twitter, etc for free within the Tribe app, the telco added that customers should check their usage to see if they will need to increase their data allowance or buy an extra data pack after the service is shut down.