ZTE to launch new phone in UK next month

Orange not the only network to offer Project JAL phone?

ZTE has confirmed to TechRadar that it will be bringing another device to UK shores, likely in the next month.

Having just launched the Racer with Three, Wu Sa, director of mobile device operations for ZTE UK told us that a 'second [Android] device is coming soon.

When outlining the companies growing amount of smartphones in the worldwide industry, Sa mentioned that the company already has eight phones out, with a 'ninth coming a month later'.

Where were you last night?

This means the secretive Orange Project JAL could be dropping then - as we've seen the phone is almost identical to the ZTE Blade seen at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

The zte blade (cred mobile review)

But interestingly Sa told TechRadar that the Blade had been offered to many UK carriers, meaning the Orange device, with its high-res OLED screen, might pop up in other places too under a completely different guise.