A UK iPhone 6S will cost 28% more than the same American model

iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 6S Plus

It's no secret that phones generally cost more in the UK than the US, but when you actually compare the cost of buying the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus outright it's quite surprising how much cheaper it is in the States.

Research carried out by Voucherbox found that the cheapest deals for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were all in the US, with the UK featuring in the top three most expensive countries for both models.

In the UK, the cheapest deal is 28% more expensive than the cheapest in the US (where it varies in price due to sales tax but in some states has no additional levy at all).

Tough luck

With the iPhone 6S Plus it's a similar affair with the US prices being 27% cheaper than the ones in the UK. Both these stats were worked out by converting the cheapest prices for 16GB models and taking into account recent exchange rates.

The research also claimed that if you've got an original iPhone and live in the UK, it's now worth more than it was at launch, citing the current average second hand price in the UK is £238 and the phone cost £235 at launch.

However, this wasn't purchasing the phone outright, rather signing up to get the handset on contract and having to pay a hefty fee up front as well - so it's probably worth holding onto one of these for a while yet if you've still got one kicking around.

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