Windows Phone 8 'Apollo Plus' update said to bring new features

Showtime for the Apollo Plus next year
Showtime for the Apollo Plus next year

The next Windows Phone 8 update is reportedly codenamed Apollo Plus and will bring about new features to convince Microsoft mobile device holdouts to reconsider.

Chief among the features is Virtual Private Network (VPN) support, according to The Verge.

This would allow users to connect to private work or school networks via the internet.

VPN is a welcomed feature for businesses, as Microsoft has been touting its entire Windows 8 line as the ideal "productivity" solution.

Apollo Plus OTA updates, bug fixes

Once Windows Phone 8 users update to Apollo Plus, they shouldn't be required to plug their device into a PC. Over the air updates are supposed to be part of the package.

Apollo Plus may also deliver a Wi-Fi connection fix to let connections always remain on, according to the unnamed sources cited by The Verge.

Rounding out the reported Windows Phone 8 updates, audio tweaks are said to be part of this Apollo patch.

Apollo Plus unveiling in February?

Apollo Plus may take center stage at the Mobile World Congress in February.

However, this update isn't intended to be the next major version of Windows Phone. Instead, it's supposed to patch features missing from the Windows Phone 8 debut last month.

Closing the gap in the meantime, owners of Microsoft's older Windows 7.x handsets - which aren't upgradeable to WP8 - can look forward to an update of their own - a Windows Phone 7.8 update is expected to arrive this week.

Via The Verge

Matt Swider