Ubuntu coming to Galaxy Nexus in late February

Turn the Galaxy Nexus into a full PC
Turn the Galaxy Nexus into a full PC

Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system, revealed that users can soon test out Ubuntu for smartphones on Galaxy Nexus handsets.

Earlier today, Canonical Engineering Manager Alan Pope told OMG Ubuntu that the firm plans to launch a downloadable image of Ubuntu for the Galaxy Nexus in late February.

The mobile OS was announced right at the start of the year, with the lofty goal of bringing the full desktop OS to smartphones and tablets.

Canonical has built the mobile OS to use Android's own drivers and kernals, giving any existing Android device the potential to run Ubuntu.

Ubuntu ready for prime time?

Ubuntu on smartphones will initially launch only for the Galaxy Nexus - the device Canonical used as its primary test and demo unit for the OS so far.

However, the OS will not have all of its features at launch, with features like voice control and an app store reportedly still missing while other features may exist but are only partially implemented.

The unfinished state of Ubuntu for Galaxy Nexus might make it too great a risk for the average user to install, but it will provide an excellent testing ground for developers.

Canonical originally said that the Galaxy Nexus version of Ubuntu would arrive in the coming weeks, though it seems that timeframe has been pushed back to late February.

Conveniently, the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is also taking place late next month, giving Canonical a much larger stage to show Ubuntu running on Galaxy Nexus to the world.

Via OMG Ubuntu