Panasonic just stuck a 1-inch camera sensor on an Android phone

Panasonic Lumix CM1
Say cheese!

Just when you thought Panasonic was out of cameras to announce at Photokina 2014, it up and announced the first smartphone with a 1-inch image sensor.

Lumix DMC-CM1 it sports a 20MP sensor alongside your typical Android smartphone internals. On top of capturing high-resolution stills, the CM1 can also record 4K-video.

It's equipped with a 28mm equivalent f/2.8 Leica Elmarit lens and, coupled with the larger sensor, it should produce much more bokeh than your typical smartphone camera. A

nother bit smartphone photographers will like is the Lumix CM1 has manual controls, including a ring around the lens and a ready to shoot switch.

A whole lot of camera phone

As with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom the lens comes out to a hump that extends the phone's thickness from 15.2mm to 21mm. Users will have to decide if their pockets are big enough to carry a larger and heavier smartphone for the sake of image quality.

Although the Lumix CM1 looks more like a digital camera with its leather-clad body, it's most definitely still a phone. The Android 4.4 KitKat device features a 4.7-inch 1080p LCD, plus a Qualcomm 2.3Ghz processor and 2GB of RAM.

The handset comes with 16GB of internal storage in tow, which thankfully can be further bolstered with a microSD card up to 128GB in size.

Reviewed Cameras reports the device will only be available in France and Germany this Christmas, but we've got high hopes it will release to the rest of Europe and the United States.

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