T-Mobile wants you to try out its network with a free iPhone 5S

John Legere tells us more about T-Mobile's plans

T-Mobile has announced a program called Test Drive, essentially giving customers the chance to try out its network for seven days at no cost.

Sign up for Test Drive and T-Mobile will ship you an iPhone 5S to play with for a "data-intensive" week for free … if you return it after seven days, a T-Mobile rep told TechRadar. If you don't give the phone back, then your credit card will be charged $699 plus tax. If you return the phone after a few days' grace period in good condition, then a credit will be given to you.

The deal kicks off June 23 when customers can sign up online. Shortly after, they'll get a 5S and can start their Test Drive. CEO John Legere said T-Mobile plans to give out one million Test Drives.

T-Mobile's hope is to show folks who haven't been on its network just how good they say it is. To spice it up, T-Mobile is also launching a #7NightStand Challenge where users are encouraged to post about their "7-day fling" with T-Mobile. Those who participate in all seven challenges will be entered to win a trip for two to a romantic destination.

Legere addressed the question of why Test Drive doesn't include Android phones. He said that many people still don't know T-Mobile carriers Apple's latest handset, and he noted the program is just getting off the ground, suggesting it may expand further on.

The Un-carrier push continues

Test Drive is part of T-Mobile's Uncarrier 5.0 push.

So far T-Mo has unveiled a series of Uncarrier programs such as no contracts/no limits, Jump, unlimited data and texting in over 100 countries and calling at 20 cents per minute and paying up to $350 for an EFT to leave other networks.

As part of these announcements, T-Mobile has also hit a number of coverage milestones. Today was no different.

T-Mo revealed it its Wideband LTE is now available in 16 total markets, boosting LTE devices up to 150Mbps.

It's Voice over LTE (VoLTE) now also reaches 100 million people in 15 markets.

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