T-Mobile knocks down network borders to Mexico and Canada


T-Mobile promised to a new "industry-rattling" announcement with its latest Uncarrier Amped! Event and the pink carrier has delivered by expanding into Canada and Mexico.

Called Mobile without Borders, T-Mobile has now extended its coverage and calling area into both Canada and Mexico for all existing Simple Choice plan subscribers. What's more, users won't have to worry about roaming charges at all and John Legere promised a seamless 4G LTE wireless connection.

As with T-Mobile other initiatives, the new addition comes completely free of charge. Business customers similarly get expanded coverage North America free of charge but only for the first 10 lines then it's another $1 a month for each line beyond that.

In case you live in Mexico and Canada, don't get too excited just yet as the Uncarrier isn't offering its plans in new territories just yet. Instead, only US-based subscribers will get access to the expanded network.

We don't have the full list of international wireless partners, but T-Mobile will be working with Telefonica, Telcel, Bell, Rogers and WIND.

The other guys

Just in case that sound at all familiar, AT&T has been making moves to provide the first seamless network covering Mexico and the states.

"They won't be the first," Legere said "And they won't offer Canada for free."

According to T-Mobile, 35% of all international calls and 55% of all international travel from the U.S. was to Mexico & Canada alone last year. In turn this supposedly allowed other carriers to rake in nearly $10 billion in global roaming charges.

With its latest Uncarrier move, T-Mobile said it would help aleve headaches for subscribers while making its Simple Choice the first and only wireless plan to span an entire continent.

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