Slimmer, sharper 3G Motorola RAZR2

Motorola has announced a revamped, thinner and higher-spec RAZR

A thinner, sleeker and smarter new version of the Motorola RAZR - the RAZR2 - has just been unveiled by Motorola . The new model updates the top-selling original RAZR with a case that's 2mm thinner, 3G/HSDPA and up to 2GB of memory.

The RAZR 2 also comes with a new 2-inch bright display on the outside and a new cast iron hinge.

The RAZR 2 is available in three versions with the highlight a 3G model with HSDPA high speed mobile broadband, with a GSM/EDGE version and EVDO/CDMA model too. Some versions will have a Linux/Java operating system inside. As well as the revamped spec of the RAZR2, the phone has adopted a new user interface. It now includes some text-to-speech functionality that enables messages to be read out to the user.

Motorola music

Motorola is also gearing the new RAZR2 up for music with up to 2GB of user memory supplied with the phone, a multi-format media player onboard and stereo Bluetooth. Touch sensitive external music player controls are included too.

The RAZR2 has a full HTML browser onboard and comes with Motosync synchronization technology as well.

The RAZR2 features a 2-megapixel camera which is also capable of video recording. The phone also supports 3G video calling.

The RAZR2 will start shipping first in Asia with all versions of the device coming in the summer. More details of the newly announced Motorola RAZR 2 and pics to come.