Rugged Galaxy S4 apparently isn't the only Galaxy in the works

Samsung Galaxy S4
When the tough get going, Samsung gets tough

The Samsung Galaxy S4 hasn't arrived everywhere globally yet, but rumors of Samsung readying a newer, more durable version of its flagship are already making the rounds.

Those initial reports gained a little more traction today as sources revealed to the Wall Street Journal Samsung was indeed working on a tougher S4.

The brawnier Galaxy is believed to be aimed at business and government clients looking for a bit more ruggedness from their phones, though we can definitely imagine the butterfingers among us clamoring for a more durable device as well.

However, the news doesn't end there: Those same sources claim Samsung is also readying a new 8-inch Galaxy tablet for June, as well as a smaller Galaxy S4 Mini for July.

If the name "Active" sounds familiar, give yourself 10 points. The name was mentioned a few months ago, before the S4 was announced, as part of a Project J product line that included the flagship phone. The Project J Mini was also part of the package, and the WSJ's report only seems to confirm the existence of a J-fecta of products.

Unfortunately for Samsung Galaxy S4 hopefuls in the U.S., supply demands have caused the standard variation to be delayed at carriers Sprint and T-Mobile.

According to the WSJ's sources, that's due to the Galaxy S4 receiving four-times the amount of pre-orders as the Galaxy S3.

By the time the Galaxy S4 actually arrives, the tentatively titled Galaxy S4 Active may be closer to release, which could ease the burden of supply and demand around the world.

Also, the addition of the smaller (4.3-inches, according to the sources) Galaxy S4 Mini also shoulder some of the demand for Samsung's top-tier smartphone throughout the rest of the year.

As for the tablet, the Journal said it will fall between the company's current 7- and 10.1-inch offerings. It could be connected to the Galaxy Tab 3, which reports suggest will come in both an 8- and a 10.1-inch variant.

Some specs glommed onto the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 are a 1280 x 800 display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 4,500mAh battery, though whether that and the tablet from today's report are one in the same isn't known.

Hangin' tough

The only other comparable device due to arrive this year would be Sony's Xperia Z, which will also be dust- and waterproof, but doesn't quite carry the same recognition as the Galaxy line of smartphones.

Samsung is also looking to take a bit of the business clientele away from BlackBerry, as its Q10 is aimed squarely at the same corporate market.

In spite of the Galaxy S4 shortages, Samsung has still been tearing up sales charts around the world, and the added variety and options reportedly in the works should only help distance the Korean manufacturer from rival Apple.