Samsung phones get iMessage-like texting on T-Mobile


T-Mobile is upgrading its text messaging service by adding features like read receipts and large file transfers.

The Uncarrier is calling the new service Advanced Messaging, and it brings with it a host of enhancements including near real time chat. Users will be able to see when their correspondence is busying typing along with whether or not they've read your message - and subsequently count up the minutes until they finally, freaking reply.

The new feature will also allow T-Mobile subscribers to send high-resolution photos and video up to 10MB in size.

Coming to a new phone near you

To start off Advanced Messaging will only come preloaded on the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and, its predecessor, the Galaxy S5 are slated to get Advanced Messaging next through software updates.

By the end of the year, the pink carrier plans to have Advanced Messaging on a dozen more devices. The best thing yet is users won't have to download a new app, as the Advanced Messaging services will kick in automatically once their device is upgraded.

What's more, it will even work across different device, mobile operating systems and even competing wireless networks. This is largely thanks to Advanced Messaging being built on Rich Communications Services standard, a GSMA messaging standard that other carriers may adopt in the future.

In the face of evolving messaging clients like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Apple's iMessage, T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray explained "U.S. wireless operators have made virtually zero advances in the messaging tech that comes built in to most phones."

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