Samsung patent shows off next-gen S-Pen with voice calls

Samsung patent shows-off next-gen S-Pen with voice calls
A new Samsung stylus could incorporate voice calls

Samsung is working on a new version of its S-Pen stylus, which would allow users to answer phone-calls while doodling on the screen of their smartphone or tablet.

The recently-filed patent, uncovered by the Patent Bolt site, shows an NFC-enabled pen complete with volume controls.

Naturally, the accessory would hook up to devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Tab, through a built-in transmitter that boasts a headset within the pen's clip.

A sensing member

Further still, the patent speaks of conductive material that will allow the electricity generated from the human fingers be transferred through the pen and thus to the screen.

This will ensure a stylus prod is as effective as your own digits on a capacitive touchscreen.

In patent language it's going to be: "A capacitive stylus pen for a portable terminal includes a body portion formed of a synthetic resin material extending in a longitudinal direction; a sensing member provided in an inner side of the body portion to sense a current of a human's body; a transferring member formed of a conductive material and provided in an end of the body portion to be connected to the sensing member, and a manipulating member provided in an end of the transferring member, wherein the manipulating member is manufactured of conductive rubber and contacts a touch screen according to user's manipulation."

Well that's that straightened out then.

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