Samsung Galaxy S5 will have improved Jedi-like gestures

Samsung Galaxy S5 will have improved Jedi-like gestures
Air View could be getting an upgrade.

As if there weren't already enough reasons to be excited about the Samsung Galaxy S5 it now looks like it will have improved hovering recognition range.

According to ETNews, industry sources claimed that Synaptics, the company behind the hovering technology on the Samsung Galaxy S4, are working on a "touch solution", which will allow your finger to be further from the screen when using Air Gestures and Air View.

On the S4 these features allow you to perform simple actions on screen by waving your hand across the device, or hovering a finger over something like an image to see a larger preview.

Fine print

The improvements should also benefit the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as they allow the screen to recognize a finer pen point, allowing for more intricate writing and drawing with a stylus.

The source additionally claimed that the manufacturing cost of the technology will be lowered, so hopefully we won't see too much of a price hike in the next wave of flagship handsets.

Samsung has long been a pioneer in the development of alternate ways to interact with your phone, be it Air Gestures or eye scanners, so this news isn't particularly surprising, but anyone interested in the next generation of finger-hover technology should be able to get their hands on (or off) it soon.

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