Samsung design head puts focus on device 'soul' instead of materials

Samsung Galaxy S4: Life companion
Nevermind the materials, says Samsung

Samsung may have famously been accused of stealing Apple's design mojo, but the South Korean manufacturer is forging its own path when it comes to the materials used to create them.

AppleInsider reported over the weekend from Engadget's Expand conference, where Dennis Miloseski, head of studio, Samsung Design America, defended the manufacturer's decision to use plastic for its latest Galaxy S4 handset.

The former DivX and Google employee made it clear Samsung's design process "doesn't start with a material," instead focusing on the overall experience of using the smartphone.

"With Samsung, it's less about [the material] but more about building a meaningful relationship with technology," Miloseski mused.

Your life companion

This philosophy was certainly on display at last week's Samsung Galaxy S4 launch in New York City, where the company went to great lengths to pitch the device as a "life companion" instead of piece of hardware that lives in your pocket.

For Miloseski, that concept extends to the design process, where Samsung attempts to find the "soul" of each device it creates.

"I think the evolution of mobile is moving closer to connecting people to people, and the technology moves out of the way.

"There's also room for mobile to change, to reconnect us with the world around us," the design chief concluded.