Samsung Armani phone lined up

Samsung could be about to release an Armani phone - though it's not clear yet whether it will have a similar high spec as the recently announced G600

Samsung could be about to launch an Armani branded phone, following the lead of LG's phone exclusive with luxury fashion house Prada .

Reports from Korea suggest that Samsung is working on a new phone with Armani as it seeks to emulate the impact of the Prada Phone by LG . A Samsung official confirmed that a project with Armani was "under consideration by the company", although no contract had yet been signed, according to The Korea Herald.

The anonymous Samsung official was responding to earlier reports by the Korean daily Electronic Times , which first revealed the Samsung Armani phone plans.

According to the Electronic Times report, a new category called "IT luxury products" was being established by Samsung and an Armani phone would launch in Europe in October. A Samsung source was quoted as saying it planned to expand the brand to other businesses as well.

In addition to premium mobile phones, the Samsung-Armani collaboration could extend to other consumer products, with Samsung "seriously considering" using the Armani design on TV sets as well. According to the report, the Samsung Armani phone would feature exclusive content and a unique user interface.

Serene mobile phone

Samsung has a previous history of high-end phone collaborations, working with Bang & Olufsen on the high-end Serene mobile phone released in late 2005.