There's no Arc Reactor in the official Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge

Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge
Iron Man always did live on the 'Edge'

Tony Stark may be a fictional billionaire playboy philanthropist superhero, but if he were real he would definitely understand the power of merchandising.

There's no question he would approve of this Limited Edition Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which the Korean company officially unveiled today.

Pairing the stark (sorry), straight lines of the S6 Edge with the bold red and gold colours of Iron Man, the phone itself features an engraved Iron Man helmet on the back, with a special Iron Man theme offering wallpapers, fonts and colour schemes to match the Avenger.

Wait, that is an Arc Reactor!

Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge Box

While the phone itself is very much a red and gold version of the 64GB S6 Edge we know and love, the stylish packaging reveals on other feature Samsung has delivered for the new Marvel-inspired handset.

Inside is a wireless charging dock, cleverly shaped in the form of Iron Man's Arc Reactor.

Sure, it's not the answer to our global energy problems like the Iron Man movies promised, but in terms of fan service, it's a perfectly welcome addition.

If you wanted to get your hands on the Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it's going to be a challenge. Only 1,000 units will be available initially, launching in South Korea from May 27.

An unknown number of units will be released in China and Hong Kong in June, but at this stage there's no word on a Western release.

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