Pressure mounts on HTC One as firm looks for a big win

Pressure mounts on HTC One as firm looks for a big win
No pressure, but we're counting on you

HTC is currently sailing some pretty choppy waters as it's seen sales decline dramatically during February, falling to its lowest point in three years.

The turbulent time at the Taiwanese firm has been well documented and it will be hoping its latest flagship device, the HTC One, can get it back pointing in the right direction after it goes on sale next week.

Sales for the firm took a huge 44 per cent hit year on year over February with NT$11.37 billion (around £255 million / $384 million / $AU375 million) raked in compared to NT$20.3 billion (around £453 million / $685 million / $AU667 million) during the same period in 2012.

Waiting to pounce

HTC's slow start to the year could be attributed to consumers holding off in anticipation of the new One handset, and we're pretty sure that's what the Taiwanese firm is hoping.

From the time we've spent with the HTC One so far it looks to be a very impressive smartphone, with its brushed aluminium body, full HD 4.7-inch display and Ultrapixel camera technology making for an enticing proposition.

However the battle hasn't been won just yet as Samsung has a little event planned for next week where we'll see the Galaxy S4 unveiled, which could be a potentially new thorn in HTC's already painful side.

We've contacted HTC and asked why it thinks the dip has occurred and what it plans to do to turn things around - we'll update this article once we hear back.

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