Pokemon Go is trialling an awesome upgrade to the Nearby feature

Pokemon Go

If you're a keen Pokémon Go player you'll likely already know there's a brand new update full of fixes and improvements for the mobile game, but some users are lucky enough to have a brand new feature included in their download.

Certain users have been given access to the new tracking system within Pokémon Go, that replaces the three footstep feature Niantic took out back in July.

Niantic wrote in a Facebook post, "We're currently testing a variation of the 'Nearby Pokémon' feature with a subset of users. During this period you may see some variation in the nearby Pokémon UI."

Rarer than Mewtwo

The players who have the new feature will now have two Pokémon tracking sections under the titles of Nearby and Sightings.

Nearby is now for Pokémon spotted by other players near Pokestops, and according Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer – who has the update running already – the Pokémon sit right next to the Pokestops.

It shows you the main image of the Pokestop, Pokémon which were spotted there and highlights its location on the map.

Sightings hasn't been fully explained by Niantic and it looks similar to what Nearby used to be. You can watch a full video of what comes in the update on Palmer's Twitter.

When the new tracking feature will come to all players is yet to be announced - but the fact Niantic is making steps toward replacing the three footstep tracker is a great sign for dedicated players.

The update also brings the power saving mode back to those on iOS, fixes a bug that meant you lost your XP when scoring a "Nice", "Great" or "Excellent" when catching Pokémon and it has improved the accuracy of curveballs.

Pokémon Go will now also give you a reminder to not play when driving and if the app notices you're travelling too fast it will ask you to confirm you're a passenger.

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