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Palm re-enables iTunes sync on Pre with webOS 1.2.1

Palm Pre - mixing it up with the big boys
Palm Pre - mixing it up with the big boys

Palm has issued a new update to its webOS platform that re-enables direct synchronisation to iTunes.

Despite being blocked from doing so on numerous occasions by iTunes updates, Palm keeps fixing the problem and has done so again with the latest 1.2.1 update for webOS, just days after the last version of the platform.

With the launch of the device imminent in the UK, Palm is doing a great job of keeping the Pre in the headlines, and this latest move is likely to incur Apple's ire.

According to Engadget, both Palm and Apple have complained to the USB Implementers Forum over the matter, with the former company stating the latter is deliberately blocking the Pre on its service and is violating policies in doing so.

Stoking fires

However, Digital Daily reported that the Forum has actually told Palm it doesn't have a case, and if it proceeds with its plans to mimic an Apple device to gain recognition on iTunes (which is a big no-no in USB guidelines) it will look into things further.

So it's interesting to see the latest move from Palm by stoking up the fires once more – is it worth it when you could just use the phone in normal mass storage mode like all the other manufacturers are forced to do?

Either way, we'll keep an eye on the story – after all the bad blood between the two this plot can only thicken.

Via Engadget and Digital Daily