Optus introduces new smartphone trade-in scheme

Trade-in, but only if you lock yourself in for 24 months.

With prices for new iPhone and Samsung phones being closer to the $1000 mark, and monthly phone repayments still causing a sting to wallets, it's hard to decide what to do to get the shiny new smartphone that you want.

Optus is hoping to alleviate that problem with a new Trade In, Trade Up offer that will give you credit towards your bill when you sign up for a 24-month contract.

"Nothing like this has ever been done by an Australian telecommunications carrier," said Rohan Ganeson, managing director of sales at Optus.

"This offer puts our customers' front of mind by making it cheaper for them to upgrade and making it easier for them by saving time and hassle of selling their old phone themselves."

Eligible phones include all iPhone models from the 3S and up, as well as a number of Samsung Galaxy phones, LG Optimus phones, Nexus, HTC One range and Nokia N8. A full list can be found on Optus' site.

Phone swap

Available to new and existing customers, you can bring in your eligible old phone, some ID, and as long as it is able to power on as a minimum requirement, an Optus team member will give you a trade-in credit offer.

You'll be able to trade-in your old phone up to 7 days from when you sign your new contract, with the credit going to your next bill.

However, the website does note: "The trade-in value is only guaranteed on the same day."

This means that the trade-in value could be different at a later stage, whether it be a week or just a day later, if you don't take Optus up on their initial credit offer.

Of course, we'd suggest that before you head in to Optus, check out what other buy back sites may be offering, then seeing if Optus gives you a better deal.

You should also remember that you'll have to sign up for a 24-month contract to be able to trade-in your phone.