Nokia set to boost lacklustre Windows Phone 8 camera app

Nokia set to boost lacklustre Windows Phone 8 camera app
Hey Nokia, say cheese

The Windows Phone 8 camera app is pretty basic, offering users very little in the way of options and controls - but apparently that's all set to change for Nokia users.

According to unknown sources who spoke to Unleash the Phones, the Finnish firm will roll out its Nokia Smart Camera Lens in the next update for Windows Phone 8, giving Lumia owners a greater variety of controls within the camera application.

Smart Camera Lens will bring features which we've become accustomed to on Android to the Lumia range of WP8 devices, including things such as white balance control, shutter speed and advanced camera options.

Waiting game

The source was able to provide some screenshots of the supposed lens, adding slightly more credibility to the report, although these images could have just as easily been put together in a photo editing suite.

Smart Camera Lens will be one of the new features included in Nokia's PR 2.0 update, which will also apparently include other exciting features such as "double tap to wake" and "sleeping screen-like always on clock". We are giddy with excitement.

If you're eagerly anticipating getting Smart Camera Lens on your Lumia then you may want to chill out a little, as this update is apparently not going to be ready until July at the earliest.

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