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New MotoDroid revealed - a proper iPhone rival?

The new Motorola Droid - when will we see it?
The new Motorola Droid - when will we see it?

Motorola's likely next Android phone - the cleverly named MotoDroid - has been shown off in preview, and it's packing some pretty exciting specs.

Boy Genius Report has brought early pics and information on the device, which it says is almost as thin as the iPhone 3GS - yet packs a QWERTY keyboard.

It has a TI OMAP3430 processor, which is based on ARM architecture, and the preview says it's the fastest Android device yet - which would be a mean achievement seeing as Acer has just announced the Liquid with the 1GHz Snapdragon processor on board.

The keyboard looks a little bit pokey with the keys seeming to be a little close together, but there is a 5MP camera on the rear with a dual LED flash, making this an attractive proposition indeed.

Waiting for the new Android to come?

More excitingly is the phone is packing Android 2.0 - we don't know what this new firmware update will bring, but it's likely to be a big step forward. However given Android 1.6 has yet to be rolled out, there could be a bit of a wait for the Droid.

The preview is rather gushing about how good the phone is - we'll wait to get our hands on it to see whether it truly rivals the iPhone.

But it bodes well that it's being compared to - and bettering - the iPhone, as there's no reason why Google's Android can't be just as good. Word is the Big G had a real hand in putting this phone together, so you'd really have to hope it will be good.