New iPhone 6 leak may give us clearest look at the 4.7-inch handset yet

iPhone 6
Front panel and rear shell - together as one

The iPhone 6 leaks are happening by the minute, it seems, and that's not going to let up as we approach the expected September launch.

However, the latest pictures are probably the best yet, assuming this is what the phone would look like - and at this point we're betting that it's probably not far off.

The shots of an assembled handset were shared by Feld & Volk via Instagram, and show the 4.7-inch handset from a number of different angles. Seeing it from the side gives us a good idea of how thin the handset might be - just 7mm if we're to believe the hype.


Remember internetters, even if this is 100% legitimate, it's still not the finished product - Apple's new iPhone will undoubtedly look a bit more polished and complete in its final form.


But these pictures align with all of the rumours and leaks that have spilled out thus far. It's got those curved edges, the iPod Touch-esque volume buttons, and the side-mounted power button.


It's hopefully not long until the iPhone 6 is revealed in all its glory (and possibly with a 5.5-inch version alongside) - September 9 is being touted as the date of Apple's big press conference.

  • But will we get an iWatch to go with it?
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