MWC 2012 headliners: Carphone Warehouse reveals UK details

Big MWC 2012 phones heading to UK
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Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that it will offer a number of new handsets which we saw launched at MWC 2012.

The big hitting, quad-core HTC One X is set to land in April alongside its suitably well equipped mid-range brother the HTC One S. Carphone Warehouse will complete the One range with the HTC One V arriving slightly later on the scene, towards the end of April/start of May.

Update: Carphone Warehouse has now confirmed that the HTC One V will be available in late April, although we were not told the reason for the delay.

The budget friendly LG Optimus L3, the Android Gingerbread toting baby of LG's new L-style range, will be available from May, but there is no sign of the mid-range Optimus L5 or high-end Optimus L7 yet.

Update: Carphone Warehouse has responded: "At present there are no plans to stock the LG Optimus L5 or the LG Optimus L7."

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Come May you'll also be able to get your grubby mitts on the stylish Sony Xperia U and the Windows Phone packing Nokia Lumia 900.

Carphone Warehouse has also confirmed that it will stock the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, but it did not provide a release date for this handset.

Update: The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 will be available from the Carphone Warehouse in May.

TechRadar has contacted Carphone Warehouse to find out why the One V is delayed, where the Optimus L5 and Optimus L7 are, when we can expect to see the Galaxy Ace 2 and what price the handsets are going to flaunt. We'll update this article once we've heard back.

Update: All handsets are currently available for customers to pre-order and Carphone Warehouse says it will not be championing one particular handset.

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