More supply woes for HTC One as Nokia wins ban on mic

More woes as HTC One mic gets banned
Poor HTC One, you haven't had it easy

Nokia has won an injunction in the Netherlands that will ban HTC from using the current microphone components found in its HTC One phones around the world.

The injunction is effective immediately and will last until March 2014. It prevents supplier STMicro from selling its microphones to HTC, meaning HTC must now scramble to find a new source for the tech.

Nokia's engineers found that the audio capture components inside the HTC One were those allegedly invented by Nokia, made exclusively for the Finnish company's phones, and featured in the Lumia 720.

"HTC is disappointed in the decision," it told TechRadar in a statement. "We are consulting with STM and will decide whether it is necessary to explore alternative solutions in due course."

Deep impact?

However, HTC told us that it did not expect the ruling to have any "immediate" impact on sales.

On whether it will lead to a delay in the release of the black model of the HTC One however, the company refused to comment.

The HTC One was originally meant to go on sale in March but faced a series of setbacks due to camera shortages, leading to a delay in a number of countries. This, of course, led to a big hit on HTC's financial results.

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