LG wins Android Lollipop race with G3 rollout

LG wins Android Lollipop race with G3 rollout
And we have a winner

Some LG G3 devices will soon be sporting the Android Lollipop software update, after the South Korean firm announced it was the first to ready the new operating system for a non-Nexus device.

Android 5.0 is yet to even make it onto the likes of the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7, but it's not all good news for LG G3 owners - the Lollipop rollout has only started in Poland.

In terms of when your G3 may see the new Android upgrade LG has said Poland will "be followed by other key markets in the near future."

It's not clear exactly when LG is planning on making it available to the wider market, but TechRadar has been told separately that UK owners should expect Android 5.0 to arrive towards the end of November/the beginning of December.

First place!

Previous Android updates have always been blighted by the slow adoption of manufacturers, with customers often having to wait months between Google's launch and the software actually hitting their handsets.

LG's speedy release, which eclipses even some of Google's own Nexus devices, is a positive step forward and we hope the likes of Samsung, HTC, Sony and Motorola all take note.

That said it looks like it's still going to take a few weeks for Lollipop to hit all G3s worldwide, and those with older LG handsets will have to wait longer for an update.

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