It's official: the iPhone 6S battery is smaller than the iPhone 6's

iPhone 6S teardown
iPhone 6S teardown

Apple's iPhone 6S is arguably the most anticipated handset of the year, so as soon as they become available to the public someone always jumps right in and rips it apart. This time it has been worth it as the teardown proves there's a smaller battery than last year's iPhone 6.

The tear down found that the iPhone 6S features a Lithium-ion 1715mAh pack, which is a step down from last year's 1810mAh battery.

That's quite a drop considering the battery wasn't outstanding on the iPhone 6 in the first place, and it doesn't prove that impressive on the iPhone 6S either.

Shrinking power

The latest teardown comes from iFixit and it discovered the extra 15 grams of weight in the iPhone 6S is because of the introduction of more capacitive sensors to allow the new 3D Touch feature

Repairs may be a little more complicated this time as well with the Touch ID cable pairing with the logic board.

The teardown also found that the A9 chipset inside the iPhone 6S is even bigger than last year's and it's expected that the reason for this is to host the embedded M9 motion coprocessor.

It's disappointing to hear that Apple has shrunk the battery down once again, but it doesn't prove to be dramatically different than the iPhone 6 when it comes to battery life. Maybe it was worth it to keep the slim body as well as bring in the new 3D Touch feature.

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