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Is the Google Nexus Two actually real?

Is the new Nexus Two actually a better Galaxy S?
Is the new Nexus Two actually a better Galaxy S?

The rumours of a Google Nexus Two are growing - but it looks like they're both real and fake in equal measure.

What's certain is that Samsung is announcing a new Android phone on the 8 November - the invites confirm that - but the confusing thing is that it's in the US, and sources TechRadar has spoken to have downplayed the likelihood of it being anything that will affect the UK.

But sources over at Gizmodo, coupled with another report from Android and Me, are stating that the new Android phone could be the Samsung Galaxy S2 (or a snappier name).

The mooted specs are a 1.2GHz processor and running Android Gingerbread (confusingly referred to as 2.3, although we're sure it's going to be Android 3.0 and built for tablets too).

Nexus or Galaxy?

A 5MP camera with HD video capture (no mention of a flash, and very similar to the first Galaxy S) and a front facing option too. The latter stat would hint that the new Galaxy would be running a new version of Android, one that could handle video calling.

It will have a 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, as well as a curved back made out of a mixture of plastic and metal, which would certainly be an upgrade on the all-plastic Galaxy S.

What is curious is the constant statements that it will be known as the Nexus Two - something we believe to be unlikely given Google's earlier statements.

It seems that somewhere along the line the idea that Samsung would be making a top end 'flagship' Android phone, and somebody mistakenly assumed the name Nexus Two - and thanks to the internet echo chamber, it ran and ran.

We'll be keeping a very close eye on this situation as it unfolds - but it's likely that more information is likely to leak out as the days go by.

From Android and Me and Gizmodo