iPhone 6S frame built to be Bendgate-proof, video claims

iPhone 6

Today looks to be the day of iPhone 6S video leaks, with a new video comparing the backplate of the iPhone 6S to the iPhone 6's.

Earlier this morning we got a look at what could be the screen of the iPhone 6S, but the video looks specifically at the Bendgate issues of last year, which put the durability of the iPhone 6 Plus into question.

Posted by Unbox Therapy, Lewis Hilsenteger alleges to have the backplate of the iPhone 6S, which he compares to both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

He claims that the backplate shows that Apple has included reinforced sections in its latest handset, which should make the whole thing less likely to bend.

Size matters

The comparison to the iPhone 6 also reveals, according to the video, that the new handset will be just a smidgen bigger than the iPhone 6 - measuring 138.26mm x 67.16mm, instead of 138.09mm x 66.91mm.

It's not a big difference, but the video is also claiming that the iPhone 6S will also be lighter than the iPhone 6, supporting rumors of Apple using a different material for the backplate, including Apple's own Series 7000 aluminium alloy or even Liquidmetal.

While we wait until Apple's next media event next month, which might end up being on September 9, you can check out the video for yourself:

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