Will we finally see next-gen metal in the iPhone 6S?

iPhone 6
Apple's next phone could be a whole lot stronger

A Liquidmetal phone has almost become the stuff of legend, so often rumoured yet so far never coming to pass. But there's a sign that it could still be on the cards and it may even form the basis of the iPhone 6S.

Apple has had a relationship with Liquidmetal for years now but done little with it, yet in a surprise move MacRumors has spotted that the Cupertino company has renewed its exclusive rights to use Liquidmetal.

So far when it comes to consumer products all Apple has actually used Liquidmetal for is a SIM ejector tool for the iPhone 3G, so it seems odd that the company would extend its agreement if it didn't have some new plans for the technology.

Avoiding another bendgate

Given the bendgate issues Apple faced last year it's bound to be more focussed on durability than ever and if Liquidmetal is one thing it's durable.

Actually, it's more than that: it's also lightweight, malleable and corrosion resistant.

There are already rumours that Apple is using Series 7000 aluminium to strengthen the iPhone 6S, but given this news it's possible that it could use Liquidmetal instead.

Even if we don't get a full Liquidmetal iPhone though there must be some reason for Apple's continued interest in it.

In the past we've seen patents for 3D printed Liquidmetal parts and for wraparound displays using a powder Liquidmetal process, so those are always possibilities.

Then again maybe it's nothing to do with the iPhone. Maybe instead Apple will be using Liquidmetal for the next generation Apple Watch. Hopefully we'll find out soon and Apple won't just sit on the tech for years again.

James Rogerson

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