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HTC set to launch PlayStation-powered phones

HTC set to launch PlayStation-branded phones
HTC and Sony now officially up a tree

HTC has partnered with Sony to become PlayStation certified – and could retro-fit the service onto current models.

The move comes as Sony has re-branded its PlayStation Suite – initially designed to allow Sony Ericsson phones to play older PS titles – to PlayStation Mobile.

The idea is to make the platform more open to other manufacturers and providing a vital new revenue stream for the financially-turbulent Japanese brand through other phone and tablet manufacturers - and was hinted at as long ago as February.

"HTC is focused on delivering innovative mobile experiences for people everywhere and SCE's immersive world of gaming will bring compelling entertainment to HTC One customers across the globe," said Kouji Kodera, Chief Product Officer, HTC Corporation.

One for all?

The hint at the One series means there's a possibility that the likes of the HTC One X and One S could be in line to get PlayStation compatibility – the power is certainly there to facilitate such a thing, so it will likely simply come down to logistics and licensing.

Sony is also claiming it "is positioned to proliferate the world of PlayStation across mobile devices with the progress of content development and the expansion of PlayStation Certified devices," which sounds a little like an attempt at world domination.

The move also casts strong doubt over whether we'll see a Sony Xperia Play 2 any time in the future – with the platform expanding across more manufacturers it's unlikely Sony will want to launch another gaming/phone crossover.