Here's what iOS 9 tells us about iPhone 6S 'Force Touch'

iPhone 6S Force Touch

Rumors have been buzzing for months about the next generation of iPhones featuring Force Touch, and a new leak might offer a look into how it will be integrated.

According to 9to5Mac’s sources, the next iPhone, likely the iPhone 6S, will not be an aesthetic departure from the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. More importantly, it’s expected that the phone will feature a Force Touch screen with haptic feedback.

The report says that Apple has developed iOS 9 to integrate easily with the apps on the App Store. It also says that the Force Touch capability will most likely replace certain press-and-hold functions on previous iPhones, making room for a variety of new controls.

Rumored to be its biggest selling point, the iPhone 6S’s Force Touch ability will be akin to the New Macbook and Retina Macbook Pro’s new touchpads. The integration includes pressure-sensitive scrolling in media players, looking up definitions quickly or drop pins in Apple Maps.

9to5Mac also reports that Force Touch on the iPhone will be “power-user centric” and not be as much of a necessity as it is on the Apple Watch.

The iOS 9 Force Touch integration also reportedly spans beyond the iPhone. So, we may soon be pressure-sensitively scrolling through our favorite tunes on the next iPad.

With Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference just around the corner (starting June 8), it’s not likely that we’ll hear any new information on Force Touch for the next iPhone. These devices aren’t slated to release until around the fall.

Until then, we will have to rely on secondhand information to speculate how Force Touch will further improve and simplify the iPhone’s control scheme.

Via Engadget