For Beta or for worse: Android Wear is untimely

For Beta or for worse: Android Wear is untimely
Does the arm look any better thanks to this watch? Thought not...

Being an early adopter sucks. It's like being a smoker - without the health risks.

You know the feeling, when you just can't help but spend cash on half baked products because the thought of being without them leaves you shaking with cold turkey.

So I'm counting myself really lucky here. I've had a lucky escape. I have not succumbed to Android Wear. Yet.

Wind up?

And there is one simple reason, Google - it's because it looks like you screwed this up. And if it wasn't you, then it was someone else.

Regular readers will know I love a smart watch. A few months back, I drooled over Samsung's latest wrist-dwellers. I thought Samsung had nailed it. And I felt bad for them when I heard Android Wear was on the horizon.

Not so bad now though.

Here's the thing: Android Wear doesn't need to be bad. In fact, it should be freaking awesome. But it just doesn't feel finished, like a beta product without the disclaimer.

My first feeling when I got to play with LG's effort was 'where's the rest?'? It's full of nuances that just don't fit. It feels like an unfinished idea right now, and you know what happens when we get them… they rarely go the distance.

Don't believe me? Look at the general consensus from all the reviews online - you'll find barely any good ones, apart from the people who've bought one on Amazon and now want to justify their expensive ASBO tag on the wrist by saying how they feel like Dick Tracy.

See, that's the thing - these devices aren't cheap. As much as £169/$229? No thanks.

This is part of Android's problem - the hardware and software aren't designed in synergy.

So when Apple's iWatch eventually lands, you know it'll have been put together with hardware and software in tandem and at least be aesthetically pleasing.

But here, LG and Samsung have squabbled like cat and dog to be first to get theirs out. LG with its button-less G Watch (yes, there is NO button!) and Samsung with its Gear rebadge.

Neither looks particularly elegant. Who would have thought to remember a watch is a fashion accessory? Nobody in South Korea, it seems.

They've grabbed the OS from Google and run away with it as fast as they can to the production line. Which doesn't make sense - there was no need to hurry something out. Smartwatches are not exactly a new concept.

Minute details

I'm wondering if Google is its own worst enemy, not thinking to get the package right with this new breed of smartwatches, instead of just concentrating on getting them out the door. Or maybe it did and it just didn't care. Either way, I can't see anybody salivating over the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live in a shop.

Anybody who's thinking of investing in the eco-system is waiting for the Moto 360, which Motorola is quite cleverly keeping back until its ready.

Google's miss is a shame; there's so much potential here and Android Wear could have been a roaring success from the start.

But it lacks the finesse of Apple when it comes to new products. The iWatch launch is bound to be a roaring success.

You may like to be a little rougher round the edges than those coiffered Cupertino sheep and it shows here. But not in a good way.

Time out.