Facebook is testing a new selfie camera and more Snapchat-style features

Facebook app
The Facebook app has a new feature.

There's no love lost between the major mobile social networks, which seem to be 'borrowing' features from each other: only a few days ago, Instagram launched a new Stories feature that's remarkably similar to something already available in Snapchat.

Now Facebook (which owns Instagram) is testing an instant selfie filter that lets you add layers and filters in real time - very Snapchat-esque, if you ask us. The feature is only live in Canada and Brazil for now, reports TechCrunch, and is tied in with the Olympics.

You can, for example, stamp your face with virtual flags or sporting slogans that move with the lines of your face (TechCrunch has a video of the feature in action). It looks like a lot of fun if you're Brazilian or Canadian.

Candid camera

If the users testing the instant camera like it, then Facebook says it may roll it out to everyone. Your Facebook app could soon be opening with a live camera preview, just like the Snapchat interface (though of course Snapchat didn't invent the selfie either).

According to Facebook the new feature is a response to the changing way that people use social media and social media apps: we're not posting anywhere near as many text-only status updates as we used to, and Snapchat and Instagram are part of the reason why.

Snapchat too has been expanding its capabilities, with better chat features, the option to load photos and videos from your phone rather than shoot them live, and of course the previously mentioned Stories feed.

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