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It's been hinted at before, but now there's more confirmation that T-Mobile will begin carrying nanoSIM cards to support customers with unlocked iPhone 5 devices.

An "internal screenshot" reportedly from T-Mobile compares the nanoSIMs to microSIM and standard SIM cards, including lists of the devices that support each type.

Under nanoSIM, the site reads, "The only phone in [sic] that currently uses a Nano SIM card is the Apple iPhone 5."

The site claims that T-Mobile nanoSIMs for unlocked iPhone 5 customers will be available starting in mid-October.

The plot thickens

NanoSIM cards are 40 percent smaller than microSIM cards, which are used in the iPhone 4S and current iPad, and are in turn smaller than standard SIMs.

The first hint that T-Mobile would be getting nanoSIMs to support the iPhone 5 came early in September, when German T-Mobile retail locations began stocking the smaller SIMs.

At the time, an internal T-Mobile memo made no reference to the iPhone 5, simply stating that the new nanoSIMs would support "the latest generation of smartphones."

Despite not mentioning it during the iPhone 5 press conference on Wednesday, Apple confirmed to TechRadar afterward that the iPhone 5 will be the first U.S. phone to use the nanoSIM.

Prepaid iPhone 5 rolls out

The first prepaid carriers to confirm that they'd support the iPhone 5 were Cricket Communications and regional carriers like C Spire (Mississippi), GCI (Alaska), and Appalachian Wireless.

Shortly after the carriers' announcements, Apple revealed pricing for the unlocked iPhone 5 in all three storage variations.

The 16GB iPhone 5 will run you $649 without a major carrier contract, while the 32GB variation costs $749 and the 64GB model is $849.

That ain't cheap, but it may be true in this case that you get what you pay for.

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