CoPilot Live Premium: social sat nav app launched

CoPilot Live Premium - based on CoPilot 9
CoPilot Live Premium - based on CoPilot 9

ALK has announced a massive update to its CoPilot Live sat nav range, with Facebook check-ins, Twitter functionality and Bing integration making up some of the extras to be found on CoPilot Live Premium.

CoPilot has been making decent sat-nav apps for sometime now and this update is something of a rebranding for the company.

Based on CoPilot 9 – which TechRadar tested earlier in the year – the new app adds more functionality to make it easier to get to where you want to go.

Premium features

New features include the ability to create your own route by dragging your finger across the screen, as well as ActiveTrafffic which will sort you out if you are in a fix – offering real-time traffic updates and the like.

The app also uses more of your phone's functionality, so you can cut and paste addresses straight into the apps as well as drive to areas where you have geotagged images.

Couple this with text to speech that can say actual street names (madness, we know) and the ability for the app to tell you where your car is when you are searching for it in the supermarket car park and what you have is a pretty hand satnav add-on to your phone.

If you get in fast, you will be able to pick up the CoPilot Live Premium for £14.99 in the UK, which will be available from the Android Market.

There's an iOS version to and an iPad version is currently under approval.

Marc Chacksfield

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